lunes, 6 de mayo de 2013

Journey (I)

"I remember all the long hikes to beautiful, remote locations. The quick shoots on a farmers field. All the summer houses where friends let us stay and shoot on their property. The warm summer nights and the dump, muddy caves. Always having a boombox blasting rock n' roll while I shoot because I want my photographs to look like the Rolling Stones sound. We called ourselves road warriors. Sleeping on garage floors, driving for hours on end. Navigating by GPS, our best friend and worst enemy. We ate over campfires, hand-rolling cigarettes. We gave each other home made tattoos to commemorate each trip. I've learned the art of shopping at Walmart for fifteen people on a tight budget. How to fit three people in a double bed at a Super 8 motel. Taking pictures feels right, more right than anything else in life. I have to respect and honor the insanity of it all" - "The journey is the destination", Ryan McGinley

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